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Living in the Waikato

My name is Ana Bakovic, I am 19 years old and I am currently living in New Zealand working as an Au Pair. When I decided to become an Au Pair in New Zealand, almost 9 months ago, I imagined myself living in Auckland like many other Au Pairs do. Most Au Pairs live in…

Stuck Inside?

When temperatures are freezing cold during the winter months, there’s no way anyone wants to hang outdoors, let alone take their toddlers out to the park to play for hours. So how do you keep your sanity when you’re stuck inside facing toddler tantrums and random acts of household destruction? Sometimes it’s about getting a little creative…

Why you should Host a young Au Pair.

Looking for the Perfect Addition for Your Family?  Hosting an Au Pair is  a fantastic childcare option for many families because it is more cost-efficient than daycare and allows Host Families to participate in a cultural exchange with a young man or woman from another country. Whether you have hosted an Au Pair previously or are…

The surprising good things you should know about Au Pairs before you get one.

Choosing what childcare option works best for your family can be one of the most stressful and important decisions a parent can make, especially if both parents work full-time and the children will be spending most of their days with someone who isn’t a family member. While Nannies and Day care are the two most…

From Hangry to Happy – 4 healthy and fun snacks your Au Pair can make

Apple sandwich Ingredients: Apples Any Nut Butter (Crunchy or smooth) Method: To assemble the sandwiches, core each apple and cut into ¼-inch slices (8 slices per apple). If you won’t be eating these right away, brush the apples slices with lemon juice (or soak them in soda water) to keep them from turning brown. Spread…

Share the fun and not so fun stuff with your Au Pair

Share both the good parts as well as the tough parts of the job of caring for children. It can be challenging sometimes to share the childcare duties between Host Parent and Au Pair. When you have childcare help, it can be tempting to give the Au Pairs all the yucky or boring work such…

What makes an Au Pair a “Rock Star”?

There is no manual for an Au Pair to become a “Rock Star”. It all depends on the individual family, as every family has different norms, rules and routines. Here are some clues that will help you to foster and create a Rockstar Au Pair. 1) S/he goes above and beyond with the kids. Some…

Gorgeous spaces where your kids can learn

For me, it’s all about love at first sight, if I see it and I love it, if I’m visually drawn to it, I’m sold. So when it comes to creating an environment for children to inhabit, it hands down has  to intoxicate the eye, invigorate imaginations, ultimately it has to look good, and you’ll…

How To Find A Great Au Pair

Given that we’ve had au pairs for three and a half years, this post has been a long time coming! We are just adjusting to life with our new au pair – our fifth one – and we’ve had a great experience with this form of childcare, so I thought it might be helpful to…

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