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Why you should Host a young Au Pair.

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Hosting an Au Pair is 

a fantastic childcare option for many families because it is more cost-efficient than daycare and allows Host Families to participate in a cultural exchange with a young man or woman from another country. Whether you have hosted an Au Pair previously or are new to the programme, you may be wondering what qualities would work best for your family in an Au Pair candidate. Younger Au Pairs are a great option for families who would like to add a valuable new member to their household, who can act as both a Mother’s Helper and a big brother or sister to the children. Hosting a younger Au Pair is a great option for many Host Families, and here’s why:


Younger Au Pairs are energetic:
One of the best qualities that younger Au Pairs possess is great energy and excitement. They enjoy caring for children of all ages and have the strength to keep up with busy schedules, sports activities, tidying up, and playing games.

Age does not reflect maturity:
Although younger Au Pairs may seem inexperienced by New Zealand standards, most of the younger candidates who apply for the programme have extensive hours from a variety of previous childcare experiences. Most of the candidates also come from large families and have spent years caring for their younger siblings and cousins. They may only be 18 or 19-years old, but they have developed great maturity from their work and personal experience. The important thing to remember is that an 18-year-old Au Pair candidate from abroad, is quite different than an 18-year-old New Zealand college graduate.

They are coachable:
Since younger candidates are still growing and learning themselves, they have a willingness to experience new things and learn about childcare from their Host Family. Younger Au Pairs are still forming how they best relate to children and thus are more willing to accept advice and tips from their Host Parents.

Although hosting a younger Au Pair might not be your first choice as a Host Family, it may very well turn out to be your best choice. One of our current Host Families, explained that age was not a deciding factor at all and they encourage new Host Families to look for an Au Pair whose personality and interests best matched with their own family instead. They went on to say that “they would recommend a younger Au Pair a million percent, because their younger Au Pair became like a daughter to them, was always excited and willing to play with the kids, and faced every new challenge with determination.”

If you would like to learn more about our available younger Au Pair candidates or have questions about the programme, contact us today!



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