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Host Family Testimonials

“Pauline has been amazing for settling the children into kindy on our behalf (since my husband works full time and I’m a full time uni student who couldn’t miss many lectures), and handling all of the kindy pick-ups and drop-offs. And in the past three weeks she’s been an absolute godsend as my husband has been away for work and I’ve been snowed under with exam revision. Nothing fazes Pauline, and I can always count on her. I couldn’t have got through the past three weeks without her!”

“After a year at home I had no choice but to go back to work full time so it was important to us that the girls were safe and looked after in the home environment due to their vulnerable health. We were advised recently by Childhood development Services assigned to our girls that the best thing we have done was to have an Au Pair and that one on one care is imperative to their development due to their prematurity. A large, noisy, over stimulated environment would have a negative effect to their development”

“Our four year old has been diagnosed with ASD while Alina has been with us. She has done the Autism ‘way to play’ course and really goes out of her way to find things that work with him…. She is also always thinking of ways to keep our three year old out of mischief with messy play, water play, painting, etc.”

“Evy is our first Au Pair and she has been amazing. We have 4 young boys aged 5 & under and with 2 working parents, our household is very busy. Evy is always calm under pressure – whether she is dealing with a 3 year old tantrum, or burnt baking, or even just helping us get out the door in the morning. She has a can-do attitude and just gets on and does what needs to be done around the house with very little guidance or instruction from us. Evy is a highly valued member of our family and we will definitely miss her smiling face and cheerful ways when she heads off on the rest of her adventure, but she will always have a warm welcome here in NZ whenever she wants to come back and visit – or better yet – live.”

“ Outstanding support, helpful and honest advice which I very much appreciated. Friendly team, with great attitude towards both us and our Au Pair in a tricky situation. Thank you!"
- Maartje (Host Family)

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so very much for continually providing us with such great service and support and for (most importantly) supplying us with fabulous and wonderful au pairs over the past 6 years. I’ve loved it! Having an au pair suits our family and has certainly taken the stress out of daily living with 4 children and has given me the opportunity to have a semblance of a career. It’s been awesome."

- Liz (Host Family)

"I just wanted to thank you for your call and for the continued excellent service by all aspects of the dream aupair team. Having recently had an au pair from another agency I can say that the service you guys provide is on a whole different level. You and your team should be proud!"

- Kellie (Host Family)

ERO Report 2016

This is what our recent ERO report said about our Play and Learn Programme in Auckland

“Children experience a rich curriculum with a variety of activities. Infants' and toddlers' care and routines are well considered. Weekly playgroups and excursions into the community provide extension to the programme. Over time, au pairs are well supported by education coordinators to assess children's learning based on child-led and play-based programme planning”

Click to view our Auckland ERO report

This is what our recent ERO report said about our Play and Learn Programme in Wellington

"Quality assessment and planning is evident and responsive to children’s needs and interests. The coordinator models learning stories that are interesting and relevant.

Children's learning stories show that they are settled and bond well with au pairs. They are actively engaged in educational activities and encouraged to be involved in outdoor play. The development of their skills and dispositions is evident."

Click to view our Wellington ERO report

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