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At Dream Au Pair, we aim to make every Au Pair placement a wonderful experience for all involved.

Why employ an Au Pair?

Many busy families chose to employ a live-in Au Pair as an excellent and flexible childcare option and for the wonderful companionship and cultural experiences they can provide for children.

Being matched with the right Au Pair gives parents the reassurance of being able to depend on a familiar and trusted member of their household. Your children can carry on with their usual routines and activities, spending more time growing up in their home environment. For the Au Pair, it’s a unique taste of Kiwi life that they will always remember.

Becoming a Host Family

Au Pairs are usually young school leavers and for some of them, this will be their first time away from home. They will need the support of a family as they settle into New Zealand, get orientated and make new friends.

As a Host Family, you are expected to provide your Au Pair with a private, furnished bedroom, including linen and use of a bathroom. Your Au Pair’s full board and lodgings includes all of their daily meals and snacks.

Your Au Pair should be treated as part of your family. They’ll join you at mealtimes and on family activities such as outings and trips.

Of course everyone needs their space and host families can expect to have some private time to themselves, often in the evenings when your Au Pair might retire to their room or go out with friends.

Au Pair Duties

Your Au Pair's duties will be related to the children, providing care and supervision either as a parent helper or for children older than 6 months, in sole charge while parents are out working.

Your Au Pair will play with and entertain the children contributing to their learning and development. They are able to attend the children’s activities and classes with them, transport them to school and kindergarten, prepare snacks and meals, supervise bath time, dressing and changing and help with homework.

Your Au Pair may also be responsible for household chores relating to the children; from tidying up children’s bedrooms, play areas and the bathroom, to laundry and kitchen duties. As a rule, any household task related to the children and their wellbeing during care.

Dream Au Pair holds group Orientation sessions for all Au Pairs, preparing them for their placement with a kiwi family and providing practical training on caring for children. Our Au Pairs are also provided with a New Zealand bank account and a local SIM card as well as receiving training in child first aid, driving theory and the NZ early childhood curriculum (for Au Pairs on the Dream Education Programme).

During Orientation, Au Pairs stay together at a hotel and conference centre in Auckland. It’s an opportunity to make new friends and form a support network. After Orientation, host families meet and collect their Au Pair from the Orientation venue ready to start an exciting new chapter in life.


We take care of the paperwork

As an Au Pair is legally an employee, they need to apply for an IRD tax number on arrival and are entitled to all the benefits NZ employment law provides. The legal and tax requirements of employing someone can be overwhelming and time consuming for Host Families. Dream Au Pair manages all this for you.

Our payroll team will make weekly net wage payments to your Au Pair’s nominated bank account, deduct and make PAYE contributions directly to IRD and file your employer monthly schedules. We’ll make your employer ACC payments and keep records of your Au Pair’s sick and annual leave balances, all on your behalf. We’ll collect your weekly completion bonus contributions and manage the bonus payment at the end of your placement term. All of these costs are included in your weekly wage payments in one easy upfront amount.


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