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How To Find A Great Au Pair

Given that we’ve had au pairs for three and a half years, this post has been a long time coming! We are just adjusting to life with our new au pair – our fifth one – and we’ve had a great experience with this form of childcare, so I thought it might be helpful to…

How To Be A Happy Host Family

This post is the sequel to last week’s post ‘How to find a great au pair’, which took you up to the point where you’ve got some eager young person lined up to join your family in a few months’ time. Here’s what we’ve learned about how to prepare for, and manage, life with an…

“Is There A Doctor In The House?”

So I completed a First Aid course today. It was not the first one I’ve done. At a guesstimate I’d say it was about the eleventh, one every two years for the past twenty in my capacity as an early childhood teacher . Techniques have changed over the years but the underlying foundations of first…

Nappies No More!

I am SO HAPPY to write this blog post: the kids appear to finally – FINALLY – be toilet trained! As long-time readers may have gathered, there have been several childhood developmental stages that I’ve dreaded, and that haven’t turned out to be anything near as formidable as I’d expected. But I knew my luck…

School. Which One?

“Time will go so fast,” they say, as you look adoringly at your new-born. You silently dismiss such an absurd notion amid the whirlwind of feed, play, and sleep routines, as time seems anything but fast. Yet somehow over time, that tiny delicious new-born has learnt to smile, focus, reach out, wave goodbye, clap, imitate,…

Yes, Please!

Where have all the manners gone? They’re long gone it would seem. Oh for the days when someone would lay down his coat over a muddy puddle for one to gracefully step upon so as not to dirty their white ankle length petticoats! But seriously, does anyone put themselves out for anyone else these days?…

Good Morning! Is it?

I’ve been known to drive in a state of panic once or twice, we are late you see. I’ve squinted through blinding sun strike whilst trying to answer the questions of three rowdy cherubs. I yell over a blaring radio, de-mist windows by cranking up the air-con and the window wipers simultaneously, and have even…

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