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Is hosting a Dream Au Pair more expensive than having a Nanny? Or attending Daycare?

Having a Dream Au Pair is much cheaper than having a Nanny. An Au Pair lives with you and so her room and board makes up a portion of her weekly wages. Also, because daycare is charged per child, hosting an Au Pair is a more cost effective option for families with multiple children.

Weekly costs for an Au Pair start from just $280 gross for 30 hours.

Can I receive the 20 ECE hours?

Yes! If you are enrolled on our Dream Education Programme and your child is over 3 until they start school (max age 6 years old), you qualify for the government subsidy of 20 ECE Hours. We will arrange this funding for you.

If I have twins or triplets under 5 years of age, do I have to pay my Placement Fee?

No! Your Placement Fee is waived.

What is the Buddy Programme Administration fee?

The Buddy Programme was created for those families who have children aged 5 years and older or do not live in one of licensed areas. The Ministry of Education does not subsidise the Buddy Programme (ie. ECE) so we charge an extra $100 Buddy Administration fee per week so families who aren’t eligible for ECE funding can still receive the benefits of affordable and flexible home based childcare.

Why do I need to complete a Police vetting form for every person who lives in my house over the age of 17?

We are licensed by the Ministry of Education to provide home-based care and education. Police vetting falls under the Vulnerable Children's Act and ensures we meet the requirements of our Education license.

How does the FREE "Date night" babysitting work?

Every family gets 1 FREE "Date Night" each week. These hours can't be saved and must be used that week. Babysitting starts when the children are usually in bed.

How will my kids make friends and have social interactions if they are cared for by a Dream Au Pair?

We have hundreds of Dream Au Pairs caring for children all over New Zealand. As part of our early education programme we organise weekly play groups, child outings as well as encouraging informal play dates between Au Pairs and their children.


Research shows that young children thrive in a safe, healthy environment with a single primary caregiver. A dedicated caregiver (your loving Au Pair) consistently caring for your child is seen as paramount to helping your child grow and develop.

I am unsure about someone else living in our home. What will it be like?

Dream Au Pair will introduce your Au Pair to other girls nearby as soon as she arrives. We also organise regular social outings and encourage Au Pairs to join local clubs. As an Au Pair has her own room there is always a space she can go and have time alone and to give you your privacy.  We have found that as soon as your Au Pair has her own social network then both the Au Pair and the family are happy.


I am concerned about how our children will feel about having a new Au Pair every year?

Our experience shows that the children are amazingly open to change and that new Au Pairs bring fresh ideas and energy into your home. Hosting a new Au Pair is also a good opportunity to reassess how it is working and to start new initiatives.

What is Educa?

Educa is our online child portfolio and parent-teacher communication system. It’s easily accessed and compatible with all of your devices (including iOS and Android). Both Visiting Teachers and Au Pairs can upload photos, videos and observations of your children which appear instantly in your inbox. Dream Au Pair can share newsletters, visit notes and events with you all on one easy to use platform. Educa is designed to keep you connected with your child’s day to day learning, enable collaboration with your Visiting Teacher to enrich your child's early learning experience. 

Can my Dream Au Pair drive?

Yes, if you request an Au Pair who can drive.

Can my Dream Au Pair care for a newborn baby?

Most Au Pairs are young girls with some childcare experience. We recommend Au Pairs not be left sole charge of babies until they are at least six months old. However, our Au Pair experts will often have suitable experience caring for infants so please talk to your Placement Consultant.

I am a single Dad; can I still have a Dream Au Pair?

Yes of course! Lots of our Dream Au Pair families are single parent families.

Why should I choose Dream Au Pair?
  • We are Mums and Dads ourselves and we host Au Pairs in our own homes
  • Our Placement team will personally match an Au Pair with your family
  • We partner with you from when your children are babies until they are teenagers
  • Our early childhood teachers create tailored learning for your preschool children based on the New Zealand Curriculum.
  • Our sending partners recruit and screen the most committed and dedicated Au Pairs from all over the world to come and experience life in a Kiwi family.
Can I register my private Au Pair on the Dream Education Programme?

Yes, if you have an independently sourced Au Pair we can also register your Au Pair and preschool children within our licensed regions. Your Au Pair and children will then be able to take advantage of all the support and educational benefits of the Dream Education Programme.

What are the advantages of hosting a Dream Au Pair?
  • Inexpensive childcare
  • FREE date night every week.
  • An extra pair of hands to help at home
  • Flexibility – popping up the road for milk when your baby is asleep
  • Your children learning another culture and language
How long does the process take before our Dream Au Pair arrives?

We suggest registering as soon as possible. The process can take a few months to ensure you have the right Au Pair for your family. In saying that, at times we are able to arrange an Au Pair who is already in New Zealand to meet you and start immediately.

What happens if it doesn’t work out with my Dream Au Pair?

Dream Au Pair offers a rematch to families and Au Pairs whose placement does not go as expected within the first three months. Thats our guarantee.

Why are time-sheets necessary?

Time-sheets are a requirement of ECE funding. Every 3 years the Ministry of Education audits Dream Au Pair to ensure all time-sheets are complete and up to date. If time-sheets are not complete, our Terms and Conditions state that any funding that was supplied to the family that does not match the timesheet will need to be refunded by the family back to the Ministry of Education.

What are our Terms and Conditions?

When you register you will be given the option to view and agree to the Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions feel free to get in contact.

How do I get a Dream Au Pair?

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